Ice cream is happiness condensed. -Jessi Lane Adams

Everyone can agree on ice cream. From toddlers to grandparents, it’s the irresistible treat that brings people together and creates a community. And that’s precisely why I started Sweet Science; because ice cream should be great tasting and complex while uniting fellow ice cream lovers together for a few moments of chilled bliss.


But it’s more than just uniting people; it’s about providing ice cream that’s true-to-taste and wholly unique. That’s why I’ve sought partners who share that same vision and philosophy. From local organic dairy farmers to ingredients that are natural and one-of-a-kind, the most important thing is the best way to make ice cream – not the easiest.


To this day, dreaming up imaginative flavors that reflect my passion for ice cream has been my goal. Whether it’s a unique twist on vanilla or the Old Fashioned flavor that took 20 tries to get just right, the aim will always be to dazzle your taste buds in wonderfully delightful ways.


Every batch is a delicious labor of love, and we want you to share that experience with those around you. So bring your friends and family to our next tasting event or find us in your local co-op!​

-Ashlee Olds
founder and chef of Sweet Science Ice Cream

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